Moving House in Bad Weather

Winter has suddenly arrived, with the recent drop in temperatures, the heavy frosts and now snow it is now much, much colder but what does this mean for your house removal?

Whilst it’s safe to continue with the move and road conditions allow your move should go ahead as planned. The bad weather, however, can make things much more difficult and requires some more planning. However, in some extreme circumstances such as heavy snow, where there is a lot of ice or there are access problems due to adverse weather conditions your move may need to be postponed.

Having an experienced removal company like Man & Van Dronfield will help, they have the equipment and skills to move things safely and protect your home and possessions from the weather. If possible please try and ensure that your drive or path is cleared and gritted and keep a shovel on hand. Carpet protectors will be used to protect your home from snow, ice and dirt being tracked into the house whilst items are being loaded or unloaded.

As the temperature has plummeted and your door(s) will need to be open for the removal we suggest that you ensure that you have facilities to make warm drinks and keep some warm clothes to hand including a full change of clothes just in case you get wet.

We can also provide secure, flexible storage in case you need to move items from your existing property and are not able to complete the move on the same day.

Moving house in bad weather